HOT PINK DEICER is a high quality product, safer for pets, plants and people, and is priced competitively.


You can feel good that every bag purchased contributes to a financial gift for hand-picked, local family affected by Breast Cancer.

HOT PINK DEICER contains organic materials, plant nutrients, and anti-corrosives – which means safer greenery and reduced damage to grass and vegetation. It spreads easily, lasts longer, and works better and faster than other ice melters. Available in both a 12 lb jug or 50 lb bags – HOT PINK DEICER is good for both homeowners and snow removal professionals. Leaving a temporary tint of pink on the deiced walkway – visitors will know that you are part of helping local Michigan families.

Pre-Pay by October 1st, get for $6.50 per bag

50 LBS Bags- $8.53 ea.

Per Pallet (49 bags)- $7.27 ea

Per Truck Load (18-20 pallets)- $6.81 ea

*If more than one drop per truckload, it will be an additional $80.00 for each drop.